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New Jersey and Pennsylvania LASIK Surgery Medical Malpractice Attorneys

New Jersey - Pennsylvania LASIK Malpractice Attorneys

It’s a wonder more people aren’t injured.

Although millions of people have benefited from laser eye surgery, tens of thousands of patients have suffered complications from LASIK surgery gone bad.  For those who have been injured by the doctors who were supposed to help them, we stand up and hold medical professionals accountable for vision loss or serious complications due to negligence and lack of proper consultation and care.

LASIK is not as Safe as They’d Like You to Believe

Each year in the United States nearly one million people undergo refractive laser surgery.  Unfortunately, for three to six percent of patients the surgery not only does improve eyesight, but LASIK has left them suffering from adverse effects six months or more after the operation. The damage from improperly performed LASIK, or from procedures done on unsuitable candidates ranges from severely blurred vision to aggravating glares, halos, starbursts or “ghosts.”  And, in too many cases, patients have been blinded.

Malpractice Begins With Bad Medical Advice

Laser surgery involves skill and accuracy and there can be no room for error. But in many cases a major contributing factor to side effects from LASIK is that the patient was not properly assessed, or was even encouraged to undergo a procedure that they were not a good candidate for in the firt place.

It is a sad fact that the causes of eye surgery injury often have more to do with ill-advised surgeries, and how eye clinics are run, and negligent after-care:

Our Philadelphia PA Eye Surgery Malpractice Lawyers Can Help

Our lawyers care about what you are going through.  We will aggressively attempt to prove the eye doctor error (ocular malpractice) that led to impaired vision, side effects or the lost chance at improved vision. We will examine all records and evidence to see if the pre-operative consultation you received was adequate. We will look at the consent form you were made to sign, and your medical records.

We also have LASIK apparatus and credentials of the eye surgeon who performed your eye surgery evaluated.  And, we will bring in experts in ophthalmology who can attest to failures in the process that constitute a breach of professional medical standards.

Our medical malpractice lawyers bring more 25 years of combined trial law experience in personal injury litigation to your LASIK surgery malpractice case. We have secured thousands of settlements and jury verdicts for our clients.

We represent victims of ophthalmologic malpractice cases throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  Call our lawyers today at 1-800-731-4687 or contact our law firm online for a free initial consultation.

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